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Our Services: Web Site and Digital Archiving

Web Site Services

Today, you can put up your own web site. You may not need to hire anyone.
  • If you want help with the learning curve, we can help just a little or alot, whatever you need.
  • We have training sessions, or we can be on call when needed.
  • If you want us to build and manage the web site, totally, we have been doing that since 1999.

Here is a listing of our web site options:

1. Our Most Economical and Most Popular Option
We Set Up your complete site, then conduct Training for how to manage it.
  • 5 pages. We build your web site using your content--text, pictures, maps, video, other.
  • We teach you to change and add content: text, photos, maps, video, other.
  • 5 hours training included (within 3 weeks).
  • NOTE: Set up and adding PayPal buttons is an available option.
  • Request Quote.
2. Help As Needed
We help on an as needed basis: text, email, or call us.
A retainer fee, paid semi-annually or annually, may be more economical for you.
We can discuss that at any time.
  • ​Email or text the problem description.
  • We respond within 24 hours by email, text, telephone, Skype, and/or link to online DIY Web Help resources, whichever is most effective and efficient.
  • A personal meeting can be arranged if needed.
  • Fee: $25.00 per half hour
​ ​3. Total Training WIX or GoDaddy DIY Web Site SetUp...beginning at $390.00.
We teach you to build and manage your own web site from beginning to end.
When you finish, you will have built your web site from square one.
  • 5 pages, Do It Yourself complete web site
  • 12 hours training included (within 6 weeks)
  • Add text, photos, maps
  • Add 1 - 6 products with active PayPal "buy" buttons
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Request Quote.
5. Total Web Site Set Up and Management by DIY Web Help
  • We build your web site and manage it.
  • No training involved.
  • Request Quote.
6. Only Web Site Management by DIY Web Help
We manage your web site (update it) regularly for a quarterly or yearly fee.
Request Quote.

Questions? Other option needed? Please contact us.
Free Consultation, of course.

Digital Archiving Services

Two ways to accomplish the goal:
1. Do it yourself with just a little help or alot of help.
2. Gather your materials and let us do it for you.
The process is the same, either way.

1. Print Documents 2. Photographs 3. Out Dated Digital Storage Devices
Transfer your valuable documents and photographs from outdated devices to your own up-to-date external mobile hard drive.
    Crucial Facts To Know
  • Information on the 5.25 and 3.5 floppy disk and the zip drive disk is now unaccessible to most people.
  • The floppies and zips are increasingly difficult to transfer.
  • CDs and DVDs will go the same way.
  • The collections on your cell phones and tablets are convenient, but can be lost in a blink.
  • Please contact us with details about your project.