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Frequently Asked Questions
Please look over these FAQs. Then, schedule a free, no obligation consultation. We like to help people get online. It's what we do.

Can you help with other web site builders or only WIX and GoDaddy?
Yes. We probably can help with any of the DIY website builders available online. They all are similar in procedures. They vary in cost and apps available. We list Wix and GoDaddy because we have worked with those two extensively.
What should I do now?
  • Go onto WIX.com and GoDaddy.com.
  • Look at their DIY web site builders.
  • Both offer a free trial.
  • Give them a try. Play around with building your own site.
  • It may be that you are perfectly able to build your web site without help or just occasional help.
  • DIY WebHelp is here to help you if, when, and how needed.
  • If you decide you do not want to do it yourself, then we can build the web site for you and either manage it or show you how to manage it.
  • You need a web site. We will help you get it done or do it for you..
If I sign up for a 12 hour training cours, but I only need 8 hours, do I lose the remaining 4 hours?
No, You do not lose hours that you have paid for. The remaining 4 hours are yours to use within 6 months. You may use them as one block of time, or you may use them on an as needed basis, which is figured as a 15 minutes session for each occurrence. That is, if your question takes 10 minutes to answer by text, 15 minutes is deducted from your 4 hours credit. You have access to the Tutorials page at no cost.
Where are the training sessions held?
Training sessions can be scheduled for your place of business if you have an internet connection. Otherwise, training sessions are held at our office in The Woodlands, Texas (map). We have other locations available for more distant, locations.
What equipment must I provide for the trainig sessions?
Participants will need a computer and internet access. If the sessions are held at our office, we have internet connection.
Is there anything else I need to provide for training?
After registering for a training package, you will receive a packet with preparation details. Basically, the following is needed for optimum use of your time: ​​The text that you want to include on your web site. Begin with what you want on the Home page. Pictures. Some free pictures are included with the online web site builder. However, you should use mostly your own pictures. Before the first session,find two web sites whose appearance you like: the colors, the format, the font. You just like their look. This will help you decide on the template for your own web site.
How long is each training session?
Three hours, maximum. Two hours, minimum. After each session, participants must use the techniques covered as soon as possible to ensure retention. More than three hours often means information overload. However, some people can go six hours without a problem. If that is the case, we can talk about scheduling longer sessions.
Do you offer payment options?
There is no charge for the initial consultation, which will help you decide whether or not to register for training. For a training option of multiple sessions ($350. and up), 50% is due at time of registration and the balance due in 30 days. For hourly or as needed help, the invoice is payable in 15 days.

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